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A Guild 2 AAR
Published on June 7, 2012 By Jythier In PC Gaming

For some reason, Kayden continued to gain fame while Ewa did not.  This resulted in her being Guild Master of the Patrons for several years, followed by Kayden.  The house we fit these people into was upgraded to a Gabled House.  Sierra and Kayden both started courting, trying to find suitable mates. 

Tragedy quickly struck again as the plague clung to Sierra, as Sierra clung to life. She made the best of it, quickly marrying an old Scholar, hoping he might be able to discover the cure.  Unfortunately, he proved far too old, and though Sierra conceived, her husband passed on, and she also died from plague before she was able to give birth.  Both Kayden and Ewa were devastated by the loss of their beloved sister and daughter, and went into deep mourning.  At least, Ewa did, but Kayden quickly got married and began having kids of his own before he could catch the plague and leave the family without heirs.

A fire broke out in Danzig, threatening to burn the tavern and their home down to the ground.  Luckily, the placement of the town's pumped well was three feet away and the citizens quickly helped them to put out the fire.  The total damage was less than 300 coins.

Ewa continued to live on, and the family rediscovered politics, making their way up the ladder of the now City of Danzig.  Somehow, the entirety of the governmental system disappeared, as the mayor died just as the city opened up the new positions, leaving only empty positions.  Ewa and Kayden had no-one to oppose them on the way up, and also began helping Aneta, Kayden's new wife, into office. Kayden and Aneta also were gifted with a daughter, Catherine, at this time.

Meanwhile, on the business end, the Bake Shop was upgraded to a Bakery, and in order to cover the fruit needs, an Orchardist went up right outside of town.  At this point, several trading carts were in perpetual motion, with trading routes set up to ferry fish and fruit to the tavern, and fruit to the bakery.

Total Cash:  ~4,000

Total Assets: ~84,000

Dead Family Members: 4


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