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A Guild 2 AAR
Published on June 6, 2012 By Jythier In PC Gaming

Jay had always wanted to fish.   He’d never wanted to service the drunkards of the world, or grow crops, or any of the other terrible duties that went with being a patron.  No, Jay wanted to fish.  So fish he did.

He wasn’t sure exactly where the seed money had come from.  His mother had handed it to him when he came of age, telling him she had saved a coin or two every day for him since the day he was born.  He now had 10,000 of those coins, and a dream.

A cursory asking-around about town taught him quickly that nobody was selling fish in the inns, and nobody wanted to.  Beer and porridge were the order of the day, and with the catch of the day thrust sadly aside.  Maybe, just maybe, should he build a fishing shack, they would start buying.

It takes time to build such things, so while he waited, it seemed like a good idea to check into getting more rights about town.  A quick trip to the Town Hall later and he was a Yeoman.  Yeomans are allowed to have two businesses.  Who cares about the inns already there?  A new public house started going up right next to Yeoman Jay’s home.

The fishing shack was completed, and a couple workers hired on to fry up the herring caught.  A wagon would take the herring to the new public house daily, and daily it almost sold out.

The problem was, Jay wasn’t fishing.  Jay was serving the guests in the public house.  The few employees he’d brought on hadn’t been able to keep up with the demand for the grain porridge and the weak beer that they seemed to know how to make, so they had to work all the time in the brewery.

In the meantime, Jay also met Ewa, a patron his mother had introduced him to as a potential bride.  They hit it off, Jay complimenting her, and courting her in good standing.  This took even more time away from any possibility of fishing.  Jay was either in the public house, or with Ewa, or worst or all, with Ewa in the public house.  He tried to take her fishing once, but she wasn’t interested in it.  She seemed to always want to be in the public house.

Years went by, and Jay became much more experienced at Patronizing.  He turned his public house into a tavern.  He married Ewa, finally.  He continued to be the only tavern in town that sold herring along with the wheat beer and grain porridge.

Jay and Ewa both ran for political office, becoming the Guild Representative and the Head Torturer, respectively.  They had children, and watched Kayden and Sierra grow to be fellow patrons, taught by the now Patron Guild Leader Jay.  A small bake shop went up across the street from the tavern, and barley rolls joined the rotation at the Tavern.  Jay continued to sacrifice his fishing time running the tavern, bakery, and leading the guild. 

A new fishing shack was purchased, but alas, he still could not find the time to get over to it.  Kayden, however, dove right in as the new owner of this upstart business, as a single fishing shack could not seem to keep up with the demand for fried herring.

Ewa eventually developed tooth rot, unfortunately, but continued to survive.  Shortly afterward, Jay contracted the Plague.  Just before he passed on, however, the title of Citizen was bestowed upon him, and he ended his life happily accepted, dying a boring death just after he arrived at the 3rd Pest House without medication for him.  Ewa still had not found medication at this point for her particular ailment, either.

Ewa became the matriarch of the family, while Kayden and Sierra each took over some of the family businesses. 

Starting net worth:  10,000

Starting buildings:  A Hut

Starting cash: 10,000

Net Worth at this point:  70,000

Cash on Hand:  13,000


Fishing Shack x 2


Bakehouse (first level).

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