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Vote for the Right Person
Published on August 1, 2008 By Jythier In Politics

We all know it.  We have been spoonfed two political candidates, yet again, neither of whom actually represents us in any way.

We have Obama, who wants to give the poor more money to waste, tax money away from people who actually know what to do with it, and create DHS as if it didn't already exist.

We have McCain, who is the same old rich white guy we always get, who really represents big corporations and not the people.

So what are we to do?

Well, I have the solution to this dilemma.  No, it isn't to vote for a third party candidate.  A third party will be just as stupid as the two we've got once the big corporations realize they have a chance.

No, I'm talking about voting for someone who really represents you. Who knows what you're feeling.  Who understands what you're going through.  Who really cares about your plight, your station in life, and has been there.

Yes, I think we should all be voters that the electoral college was designed to prevent.  This year, vote.

For yourself.

Who better to represent you?  Who better to become president of the United States of America than you?

Well, everyone else.  But don't worry - you won't become President.

Now, some of us are ineligible to vote for ourselves, as we're too young.  This is tragic.  How can the under-35 population possibly be represented when they are all banned from even running?  How can the under-25 population possibily be properly represented when they are banned from any elected Federal position?

Regardless, as I am not eligible to be President, I need to vote for the next best candidate to represent me.  So I'll probably end up just voting for Mickey Mouse.  I mean, he's old enough, and definitely has his eye on the younger generation.  That's the best I can do.

on Aug 01, 2008
Vote Nader in '08!
on Aug 01, 2008
I'm really just not sure who to vote for - Mr. Pibb, or Dr. Pepper?
on Aug 01, 2008
I think I'd prefer voting for Dr. Pepper over my rep, Dennis Kucinich!
on Aug 02, 2008

on Aug 02, 2008

Sorry, came out a bit too big


on Aug 02, 2008
I'm Ted Kennedy, and I approved this message.
on Aug 02, 2008

How funny.  Wouldn't that shock them if everyone voted for themselves.  I do have to say tht of the two candidates at least McCain has experience and character.  Believe me Obama is taking just as much money from business if not more.  He might like to pretend all his money is from $50 individual donors but we know better. 

on Aug 02, 2008
I'm sure the health insurance companies are giving him plenty to make it mandatory.