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Partial AAR for a game I know I'm going to love.
Published on September 26, 2007 By Jythier In Turn-Based
I may not be the most militaristic person in the galaxy, but I do know that I'm not the only person in the galaxy.

The production capabilities of Earth were slim - Earth didn't want to be pumping out ships, or even buildings. No, Earth was the bastion of free thought in the Terran Alliance - the place to be for the free exchange of ideas, even militaristic ones.

As such, most of the ideas had to do with researching and trade - research, for obvious reasons, and trade to pay for it all. Some work would occasionally get put into building better space miners, or factories, but only to the point that it would allow the citizens to build bigger and better research facilities.

Mars, however - well, there wasn't much on Mars. It quickly became a economic center, somehow, as banks sprung up everywhere, as an 'offshore' untracable bastion for the greedy. At least they were paying taxes.

As for the other leaders of the tiny galaxy, there was the Drengin, led by some Drengin dude, and the Altarians, led by a woman. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it became clear very early that the Altarian leader had a thing for me. The Drengin leader - not so much. After all, both the Altarians and I looked alike, and were both big into research.. she joined the sorority that my fraternity hangs out with, you know.

Regardless, there was really no way for us to hang out very much, as we were on exactly the opposite side of the galaxy. And, she was sitting right next to Drengin-guy.

In this tiny galaxy, there were only 6 colonizable planets - or so I thought. After developing Mars and Earth, our scout ship came across a nice planet in the middle of the whole galaxy. Awesome, I thought - until we tested the air. It was toxic, nobody could live there. Yet.

So, we set about the arduous task of figuring out how to get closer to our love, I mean, how to colonize the planet. This did not take long, as all the research was put to this task. We had figured out how to make about half of it livable when we launched a colony ship we had bought before we'd realized there were no planets out there to colonize.

By the time we got there to colonize it, we had figured out how to get the rest of the toxicity gone. So, the colony was formed, making us the first civilization to ever have more than 2 planets.

We started building the centralized Markov II into a huge production center, able to build anything within weeks of order. However, there was a problem - the Drengin influence in this sector was so great, even a planet forged here did not give us control of the area.

Constructors were forged, and they set out to build expensive influence bases. Meanwhile, the United Planets met - and outlawed more than 2 modules per starbase.

So, two influence starbases were built, giving us a little blue spot of control on the galactic map.

The Drengin, at this point, decided that Altaria was close enough to conquer, and attacked. We immediately declared war, the knight in shining armor if you will, to defend our Altarian princess.


The problem was we didn't have any ships.

Or much technology to build them.


on Sep 26, 2007
There is a technology that may help. It is only a myth to the rest of the galaxy, but the Terrans, while on an archeological dig in the Hemorrhoid system discovered an artifact.

This artifact is theorized to be a time device capable of short jumps back in time.

It hasn’t been tested yet but if successful it should give you the time you need to better prepare for the unprovoked Drengin attack on your loves home world.

May the schwartz be with you.
on Sep 26, 2007
Well, one reader at least - but the story is not yet completed! Check back for more later this afternoon. And then I'll have to play some more GalCiv2 to get more material...

Plus, when you play on the kind of difficulty levels I am (it's my first game, after all) you don't NEED time nearly as much as a level where the AI is capable of rational thinking.
on Sep 26, 2007
"A great man is always prepared, even when he's not." - Me

I immediately took this declaration of war as a great excuse to call up the Altarians.

"Hey baby, what's going on? Yeah, heard about the war, major bummer. Hey, you have any good weapons techs or anything like that we can borrow? You know, just for the war. Sure, you can have this tech."

We traded a tech that I don't really care about for Planetary Invasion and some other weapony thing.

The Drengin, meanwhile, stopped by some of our influence starbases and fired some missles at them. And then we were out 1,000 billion credits worth of modules. Yes, people of Earth, that is why your taxes are so high!

Immediately, our production center went into production of the new fighter, equipped with Mark something LASERS! My ships had lasers. How cool! We immediately began production of this new design, "First Fighter." It was the only name everyone could agree on. Kinda like Xeno. Three laser beams and an engine later, we were ready to take on all comers.

I walked into the shipyard, ready to take in the glory of the first fighter craft the Terran Alliance had ever built...

"That is... the ugliest ship I have ever seen."

"Sir, there was only one engine, so we put it on the left there..."

"Why not in the middle?"

"... ooooh. Never thought of that!"

"Blast... so the pilot will be perpetually dizzy?"

"No, she'll fly straight for sure!"

"Can you explain the placement of these lasers?"

"Er... no... but they will still work just fine!"

We launched the first ship, built another, launched her, and then built a transport. We formed the first Terran Fleet, Fleet Awesome. We filled the transport with a bunch of soldiers, and sent it over to the Drengin homeworld. There, it was handily defeated by a Drengin fleet that had an extra fighter.


At that point, we had invented some phasers. So we came up with a new ship plan, with phasers replacing lasers. This design was named, "Second Fighter." It looked just as silly, but it flew straight too, and flew straight to the Drengin homeworld and kicked the crap out of their defenses. Then, the Drengin fleet came along and took all five of my small ships on.

We beat the crapola out of them, and they came begging for peace.

Being the kind of guy I am, I totally ignored the fact that my darling was still at war with the Drengin, and took them for all but one tech as part of the peace agreement.

Now, there is peace in my world... but wait.. why are Second Fighters still being built?
on Sep 26, 2007
So what happened with the princess? Did she forgive you running out on her and making peace with those nasty Drengin? I actually met her once. It was at the galactic conference hosted by the Torians and she was not happy. She looks constipated when she’s angry but she cheered up when the vote turned back in her favor, then she graced us with her smile again.

Have you seen the Torian women? Yikes! I couldn’t wait to get home.
on Sep 26, 2007
"So what happened with the princess? Did she forgive you running out on her and making peace with those nasty Drengin?"

You'll know as soon as I do! You know how women are, it could take turns - I mean, weeks - for her to decide... plus, you know, she's still a bit at war with the Drengin...
on Sep 27, 2007
"My love, I offer thee the Drengin home planet."

"What did you just call me???"

"Er, nothing, you must be hearing things. I have accepted a peace with the Drengin after destroying all their ships. Go to it!"


So, she was quite happy with the result, and a year later (I guess she had to build some transports) the Drengin capital was taken by the Altarians. Then, it was immediately re-taken by the Drengin! Uh oh! But, the sacking of the capital had led to peace. The war was over, the Drengin having their heads handed to them by what I would say are the superior races.

"You didn't want my gift?"

"No, I couldn't accept - it would have shown our love to the world, and I'm just not ready for that."

"What love?"


Being the kind of guy I am, I noted that there were some galactic resources that were lacking starbases due to the Altarian war with the Drengin. So, not being a wasteful sort, I sent some constructors over to them and started mining influence and economics, with a foothold on military.

At this point it was decided the military was not the way of the Terran alliance, and that only by assimilating the Drengin culture could we live in peace and harmony. We started to do just that, building a chain of influence starbases within the sphere of the Drengin empire. We now had wonderfully cultured technology, but were still limited to two modules per starbase. We eventually hit a huge logistics problem - it would cost over $1000bc to build another starbase, but we weren't applying enough influence!

We quickly researched logistics and built the starbase, and then, the United Planets met. The issue: How many modules should a starbase be limited to? Well, that's EASY. And, I had over 50% of the vote! No limits, guys.

I immediately pumped out constructors to my bases closest to the Drengin and upgraded them. 25% + 30% was already there, and we add all the way up to the 100% bonus. On two bases.

The Drengin asteroid miners came over to our side. Score one for the Terran Alliance! Another miner came over, and then the Drengin declared war.

I didn't even ASK the Altarians for help, but they jumped on board with the war anyway. It seems like Ms. Altarian leader wasn't mad at all about those resources.

The week after the Drengin declared war, their capital changed sides, and became Terran property.

The next week, a Drengin transport landed on their former capital and took it back. Meanwhile, a fleet of Drengin warships hit the two influence bases, and the miners went back to the Drengin side.

I noticed that I still had a couple ships flying around after the last war. I sent out a fleet of First and Second Fighters to destroy the Drengin fleets, and they took out one and a half before being completely annihilated. Ah well. Time to upgrade.

I designed a new ship, prettier this time, with missile technology that we had gotten from the Drengin. Now, instead of doing 9 damage, we could do 40 damage. The hull was bigger, but unless they had wicked missile defense on their ships, they would be taken out fast.

Of course, now I have to build this ship - and it's going to take a long time. Hopefully it will be complete before the Drengin come by Markus. Well, what can you do but wait and hope?

Maybe I should design a smaller missile ship for the time being...
on Sep 29, 2007
As the war waged on, new ships were created, small hulled ships able to do 20 missile damage. Not bad.

We got a couple of these out, chasing Drengin fleets around with our slow, powerful ships, and didn't even notice that the Altarians were sending in the troop transports. Before you could say "Dead Drengin" the war was over, with Altaria the proud owners of Kona and Drengi.

More like Dingy. We didn't want those stupid planets anyway.

Okay, so we did want those stupid planets. I mean, they weren't really Altarian - Eleys Mue wouldn't miss them.

We started 'rebuilding our infrastructure' which really meant we rebuilt the influence starbases toward Kona and Drengi. The loss of those couple planets wouldn't mean much to her, and they would really help the Terran Alliance spread peace and diplomacy through the galaxy. I figured, grab those, form a permanent alliance with Eleys... then maybe even with all the Altarians. Then we could rule the world together, King and Queen, or President and First Lady, or whatever we wanted to call ourselves. Probably just our names.

So the world was at peace, and starbases were upgraded, and suddenly, Kona decided they liked the Terran Alliance better than the Altarians, and that was that. I was a little concerned that Eleys might be upset, so I jumped a freighter over to Wisp to talk to her. That's the way we always meet in secret.

We talked it over, and not only was she thrilled that the people liked the Terran Alliance, she agreed with them. She wanted to come over to our side, too. We immediately put our plans into action, signing a treaty that would make Altarians and Terrans equal, and united.
on Sep 29, 2007
I got back to Earth about a week later. "Did you hear the news?" my advisor asked me.

"What, about the pact?"

"Er, I guess you could call it a pact, sir..."

"Do you have a problem living in peace and harmony with the Altarians?"

"Oh, absolutely not sir, I just have a huge problem with their declaration of war here."

on Sep 29, 2007
Altarian Newscast:

"Earlier this week, Eleys Mue was shot with a laser while visiting her ranch on the planet Wisp. Sources say that lasers are the favored weapons of the Terran Alliance, and a freighter with the Terran Alliance leader on board was seen fleeing the planet Wisp merely hours after. Her status is currently being listed as "dead." If you or anyone you know has any information about this crime, or knows how to ressurect the dead, please call the number flashing on your screen."

on Sep 29, 2007
Well, that's the end of that love story. The rest of the Terran Alliance and Altarian story goes something like this:

Immediately, both sides pointed the finger at the other, and nobody ever really knew who did it. But the Terran Alliance, with revenge for a lost love as the commander's mission, showed such tenacity and raging doom in the skies that, even though only one land battle took place, on Drengi, that was lost by the Terrans, soon thereafter the Altarians surrendered to the Terran Alliance, and the galaxy was peaceful forever after.

Yeah right.

But that's another story...
on Oct 01, 2007
2 thumbs up!
on Oct 01, 2007
Thanks, thebutterfly! My current game is a little bit boring so far, as nobody dares to oppose me yet. Also trying out a custom race. But, maybe next game there'll be another story to tell!
on Oct 01, 2007
By the way, I couldn't believe it when I read the event text about the assassination of Eleys Mue, I was like, "Crap, there goes my love story..."
on Oct 01, 2007
Very entertaining!
on Oct 01, 2007
Thanks for reading!