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I Should Qualify
Published on July 30, 2007 By Jythier In Politics
So, we got government health insurance through the state program. It's really nice, don't have to pay for anything, except a premium. Of course, it only covered my wife, because she was pregnant. So when we went to the hospital, she was covered, sure (they did not cover the midwife, of course, that had to come out of pocket) and then we get this bill in the mail, for our son's care. Well, hmm, we applied for that, and lookee, I see on the website that we should be qualifying not only for her care when pregnant, and his care, but we also should have been qualified to pay a small premium and get insurance for BOTH our sons, who have not been to see a doctor since we were booted from the program. Yes, I used to make less money, but I'm looking right at the income level I'm supposed to be at to not have insurance, and it's over what I'm making for a family of 4. So, why did I get booted? I think I'm going to be making a phone call or two today, because it's ridiculous to not cover me when I'm in the income level. I can't afford $700 a month for insurance. There is a program designed for people like me, but they won't enroll me. This sucks.

I'm not worried about myself, as I'm covered through work, but my kids are not. So when we took my youngest in for a checkup, we had to pay $100 for it. That's not too bad, but if we were getting him seen as often as they want well-baby visits, we would have to finance it.

This is ridiculous. If we couldn't afford health insurance for my wife, why would they think we could suddenly afford insurance for my kids?

Now I know some of you are against government programs. I don't know where I stand on that issue. But while they are there, I should be using them, and allowed to. Right?

on Jul 30, 2007
Update: Called the office and they gave me a lower income bracket than the one I saw on the internet. Now I don't qualify at all. Perfect. Still don't know why my wife qualified.
on Jul 30, 2007

And we wonder why the illegitimacy rate continues to climb...hahaha. Seems obvious to me.

Believe me when I tell you that is not the reason I am not married yet. ! time someone convinced us to take advantage of us not being married in order to get federal help, all it got me was a day in court for child support, something I did not want to do. We gave up as fast as we started.

If it's there, us it. I don't mind programs that help those who need a push or a temporary relief (Key word temporary). I have a problem with a permanent system where people are more likely to find excuses not to work so that the Gov't can give them more than to actually convince them to make it on their own.
on Jul 30, 2007
I was actually hoping to get a new kid each year so the income bracket would match my raise, so I could be on gov't support forever...

Not really. But if it's out there, there's a reason it is. But, it's so much more rewarding to fall through the cracks and end up with a pile of debt. As for owning a home, the bank owns my home. I am working on owning some of my home. But, if I were to rent an apartment that was similar in size to what I 'own' it would cost just as much, and wouldn't have any principle as part of that cost. The only reason I 'own' is because it was the most cost effective way to get a living space for my family. And, someday, I will have equity enough to do something with.

So now I pay a mortgage, and insurance on our one car, because we can't afford a car payment at all... Condo fee with a special assessment that they didn't bother to tell us about until the signing, even though we asked, and many other bills and debts that have piled up while we were living a little beyond our means. Also, we're paying off many medical bills at $5, $10, or $15 a month. Debt sucks, and it's really hard to get out of. Hopefully I'll get a bonus next year and that will take out a couple payments.
on Jul 31, 2007
Update: She seems to have quoted me the amount for full family coverage, not just children coverage. Could it be that a government employee doesn't know what she's doing? Gasp! So maybe, if we appeal, my son's huge medical bill will get covered, and we'll learn that we've been getting screwed out of medical coverage for our children for the past year!