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An unpractical and un-American solution
Published on June 2, 2007 By Jythier In Politics
First, I want to address what I think of LW's problem with the new bill, which actually has little to do with the Visa's themselves, but with the treatment of legal immigrants - it sucks. I think the regulations regarding legal immigration needs to be changed, and make it easier for people to stay and become citizens. Especially from countries where we have Visa waivers.

The next problem with the immigration legislation is that it lets everyone in, even gang members and known criminals, as long as they say they're not in a gang. I think there needs to be a distinct separation between illegal immigrants who are law abiding in every other way and those illegal immigrants who commit felonies. The best way I can think of to respond to this is to deport all illegal immigrants found in this country, as they are found. No special round-em-up measures need be taken, just anytime you find one, send him home. But, if you find one committing a felony, they should be a trial to see if they are here legally, and a trial to see if they indeed committed said felony. If both come out guilty, death penalty. We can't afford the resources to jail these people, and if we deport them, they'll just come back. Crossing the border for the purpose of committing a felony should be considered a serious crime.

Amenesty bills are not going to solve anything, and will only piss people off. Making it easier to become a citizen and less attractive to be in the country illegally is the only way to cut down on this problem. Allowing for more legal immigration is a must, because businesses still need laborers, and with all the illegals dead or deported, well, there will be a rising need for legal immigrants. But when we don't need anymore, we can shut it down again. Illegals will just keep coming and coming.

If there's a terribly bumpy road that needs to be fixed, you can't just put a sign next to it that says "Rough road" and call it done. All you're doing is admitting you're not going to solve the problem. Just like the education system, just put a sign by the school that says "Slow children." (Thanks Rob Paravonian - used without permission)

Same thing with the problem of illegal immigration. You can't just call them legal and be done with it. The problem will still be there, except now everyone will know you're not going to solve it.

on Jun 02, 2007
This entire Immigration bill is to put it mildly a huge fubar, a slap in the face, a kick in the posterior. I pray this bill does not pass. Ever.
on Jun 02, 2007
That's the solution I was looking for, actually, but it's only a temporary one - when the wall is built, what are they going to do? Also, if they're building the wall, they'll probably build in structural defects that they can later use to get back through. Good theory though, and certainly better than the killin'.
on Jun 02, 2007
Oh, it's gonna pass, Elie. Sad but true.

Sighs...that being said, I don't agree with imposing the death penalty on felonious illegals unless the crime they commit is already subject to such a penalty. Many felonies are not violent crimes, and the penalty for...say passing a bad check should not be death.

I do, however, advocate special prisons for illegal alien offenders, to be built near the borders. Inmates would be sentenced to do their time at hard labor, building the walls we need to secure our nation. This would save money on the both the labor costs of the barrier and the costs associated with incarcerating these illegals, and I'm for a mandatory minimum of five years in addition to whatever the normal sentence would be for the crime they are convicted of.

When they've completed their sentence, kick 'em out on the other side of it.

If they try to return, shoot 'em. I *am* for armed guards with shoot-to-kill orders at all entry points to the United States.

HA! "hard labor" hahahaha.. We can't even make a child rapist/murder do hard labor 'cause that would be "cruel and unusual.
on Jun 02, 2007
Citizen)little-whipJune 2, 2007 15:24:57

Oh, it's gonna pass, Elie. Sad but true.

I dunno whip, the bleeders are crying it's way to "hard" on the poor illegals, it will break their families up and where will they get the thousand dollars?

I do like your idea about making them build the wall though and the shoot to kill orders, I am old but will gladly volenteer my time, weapon and even pay for the rounds I use to help. I believe with a tiny bit of practice I could get back to one shot one kill status.
on Jun 04, 2007

I like your first idea.  But first, plug the holes.  Second, loosen up on legal immigration.  Third, identify illegals, send them back, and let them apply legally.

One of the arguements used is that we cannot find them all.  Nor will we ever as long as we dont plug the holes.  But once the holes are plugged, then we dont have to find ALL of them (as the joke goes, when you go fishing, you dont catch all the fish), but as more are found, that means fewer illegals.  IN time, they will not be that significant a number, but no, not ALL will be found.  But that does not mean we ignore the ones we do find.