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or what I do when my wife is away
Published on December 1, 2006 By Jythier In Cooking
So my wife is gone for the weekend to visit her father. That's nice for her, but it leaves me without anyone to cook for me and clean up after me. Like she would anyway, but the point is, now I don't even have her to tell me it's TIME to cook.

The good thing about cooking without her around is that I can make whatever I want. The bad thing about it is I'm clueless how to go about making whatever I want.

So, I go to the cupboard, and I take out stuff. Yesterday I made chicken parmagiana, because we had some frozen chicken patties. So I made the pasta (I can do that pretty well) and made a.. sauce... kinda... Well, here's the thing. My wife bought a bunch of stewed tomatos for some meal that never got made. So we have about 30 cans of stewed tomatos in the cupboard, just waiting for some enterprising young chef to come around and use them. So I used one in my 'sauce'. However, I did not know that this would make it runnier than the Boston Marathon.

So one can stewed tomato, one can tomato sauce, some garlic powder, chili powder, oregano, and some black pepper to give it that spice you get in the restaurant. The sauce was okay, but it lacked the main feature I wanted - mainly, it went THROUGH the spaghetti instead of sitting nicely on top. Very dissapointing.

I went to work today, and asked one of my friends who is a single Mom(so must know SOMETHING about cooking... you can't be a single Mom and go out to dinner every night, it's not financially viable) what I could put in it. She said, drain the stewed tomatos a little first, and add some tomato paste.

So tonight I did. And it sat nicely on the spaghetti(which was left over... double spaghetti usage, high five!) and it tastes pretty good. I'm glad I got to help 'clear out the cupboard' a little bit and also eat something my wife detests.

Not sure what I'm going to do about tomorrow though. I'm running low on chicken patties.

on Dec 01, 2006
As an addendum, I think I enjoy the IDEA of chicken parm more than I liked the actual food when I ate it... anticipation is where it's at.
on Dec 02, 2006
Some love to cook. Others see it as a bother.  When alone, I do microwave stuff.  Why cook for one?
on Dec 02, 2006
Because I can!

Today was hot dogs in the microwave, though.
on Dec 15, 2006
Ah, you are adventurous! When my husband is on his own he eats toast, or goes to his mom's! Sometimes he will cook frozen meatballs and eat them with spaghetti and ketchup.