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Smooooke on the waaater... fire in the sky
Published on February 18, 2006 By Jythier In Playstation
So I got a chance to play Guitar Hero at Best Buy yesterday. It reminded me of why I don't play the guitar for real. My hands just don't move fast enough. I'm sure with practice I could get faster, but I don't even have a guitar to practice with.

I can get through most of the easiest song on the easy-medium level. It's very difficult for me to focus on two things at once, let alone strumming, hitting buttons, and watching the screen so I know what buttons come next. I felt like I was very bad at it until I watched some other people playing. It made me realize that, on my first go through, I had actually completed a song. Nobody else could, even on the easiest levels.

Of course, now I want to buy it. I don't think it would be as cool at home though. In the store, people might stop and watch... if I stop playing, someone else can pick it up and play, and I can watch them and cheer them on.. that's what the game is all about, I think. At home, all I'll get is a "Turn that down!" from my wife. That's why I don't own Amplitude or Frequency. What's the point of being able to do cool stuff like that if nobody cares? Strategy games, people will read about what you did, right here on I could post about GalCiv, or Europa Universalis, and make little stories up about it, and it would go wonderfully. But if I beat the hardest song on the hardest difficulty level, I could only say that about it. And everyone else would just say, "Yeah, so did I, so what?" There's no variability.

That's why I love strategy games. But that's not what this article is about.

So, because I love the arcade atmosphere in Best Buy, I'll probably go back and play some more. When they stop demoing it, I might buy it. But for now, I think I'll pick up Gal Civ 2. Because it's better than GalCiv and it'll be worthless to play it when I could be playing so much better.

on Feb 18, 2006
The week we finished GalCiv2, I picked up a copy of Guitar Hero for myself. If it's possible to have negative musical talent, that may well be me, but I've had a blast playing the first 25 "easy" songs. It did take an hour or two to get the hang of things...

Like some of the DS games and potentially the Revolution, it's nice to see some new things. Have to pickup a second guitar for competition.

Though you should buy GalCiv2 first. In stores this week!

on Feb 19, 2006
I might end up buying the guitar game first. It turns out that I can't get it out of my head. I keep thinking about playing Joan Jett's I love rock and roll, and Smoke on the Water, and Iron Man. Those are the only 3 I actually played. But I think I'll try to get my fix at Best Buy. Man, that store's great. Now all I need is a friend who owns it.

Hey, how does the 2 player system work? They only have one guitar at BB